Thank you for visiting the Classic TV Stars Cruise.
Please visit us again soon for any future developments.

We are truly grateful for your interest and enthusiasm for the 2019 Classic TV Stars Cruise.  From the onset, our goal has been to provide all of our guests as much fun interaction and personal connection as possible with the TV stars who were such an important part of our American culture!

Unfortunately, three of our TV Stars have advised that for reasons independent of each other, they will be unable to participate in the cruise this year.  This news is both unexpected and regrettable.  Please know that this is as disappointing to you as it is to us.

With such a significant change in the TV Star lineup, we cannot continue this cruise as it was originally promoted.  The absence of these artists represents a material change in the onboard experience and, frankly, denies our guests the full experience that they signed up for when they booked the cruise.  Therefore, we are informing you that the 2019 Classic TV Star Cruise will be postponed indefinitely.

Your investment in this experience is a testament to the value of this fun and exciting cruise concept.  We wish you to accept our heartfelt apology.  We take this decision in your best interests, and in order to ensure your ongoing trust.

Thank you for your understanding in these matters.


The Classic TV Stars Cruise Team

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